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Cristiano Ronaldo: Egocentric or Misunderstood?

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, Am I the greatest and the hottest of them all? Cristiano Ronaldo is known for a lot of things his penalty kicks, his vicious thighs, and of course, being obsessed with himself. From posting shirtless selfies…

Here’s why you need to stop using your size as an excuse to give up

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You show up to tryouts and find everyone else to be 6ft plus, muscular and appear to be as fast as Flash while you’re lean and only 5’8’’. Should that stop you? Here’s 6 reasons that will make you stop whining about your size…

Top Five Mistakes that make you suck

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You go to practice everyday. Maybe even work out to build muscle strength. You’ve been playing for months maybe even years but the coach happened to see more potential in someone who just started over you. So what are you doing wrong? What…

Ten open goal fails that are too hard to watch

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You are sitting on your couch watching your favorite team play. Suddenly you see that a player from your team is gaining speed, passing all defenders...there’s an open GOAL. You’re watching with anticipation with your phone in your hands…

A Message From Goluremi CEO Will John

Years of playing professionally at the highest level have taught me the importance of having a well structured training system. One that incorporates all aspects of the game. Speed and Strength, while vital, are only one side of the game. Technique is the foundation of every great footballer. When combined with solid mental power, a desire to improve and a balanced nutrition anyone can see massive growth in their game. We at Goluremi strive to provide every young aspiring footballer the tools they need to make that happen.

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