SOXPro Low – White
SOXPro Low – White

SOXPro Low – White

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If what you are looking for is a shorter sock that guarantees at the same time comfort, stability and precision during movements, our SOXPro LOW CUT SOCK is just what you need. This are a must have while practising sports high level of competition such as , FIFA soccer league , ATPtennis , padel , badmington and much more.
According to an Italian proverb, “”The best things come in small packages””. And in fact, our ANKLE CUT GRIP SOCKS has all the features necessary to be a leading product in the sports footwear sector.

Our PERFORMANCE ANTI SLIP LOW CUT SOCKS, like all our products, haVE been designed to allow you to give your best while you play sports. Functionality, comfort and elegance: these are the characteristics that we believe should never be missing in a sports sock.

The fine silicone arrows on our socks are our trademark: many try to imitate us, but no one succeeds.
On the one hand, the arrows give the product a more appealing look that will certainly not make you go unnoticed.
On the other hand, they play an important function because they enclose the Grip Technology: a fundamental component that ensures maximum stability and precision in any type of movement, preventing those annoying foot slips inside the shoe.

Our LOW CUT stocking is also characterized by the “”DRY FLEX”” system: the breathable fabric with which it is made keeps the skin dry even after several hours of sport and avoiding the appearance of annoying blisters.

Changes of direction, accelerations, speed reductions: these are all stages that you have to face while practicing sports but you no longer have to worry about thanks to our socks. With the LOW CUT, in fact, we offer you an unique experience in terms of performance and comfort: your movements will be distinguished by an extraordinary feeling of power and lightness. Once tried, you will immediately notice the difference between our product and others.

GRIP:IN, combined with a lightweight sponge coating, significantly reduces the number of ankle injuries.
While playing sports, your only concern must be to give your best. We’ll take care of the rest.

Customer Reviews

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P. Stevenson
Great Sock

Been following Will's channel for 2 years. Huge Fan. Love the Socks.

Most comfortable socks I've ever worn

Will says get grip sox. I get grip socks. These are actually pretty nice socks. Will order more!!!


Very grippy and comfortable