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M Station Talent Original Rebounder

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"One must always look to control that which he or she is capable of controlling. " Your technique is the basis of your skills and YOU can control how you train but you can not control your coach. UNLESS... 🤔You transform your smartphone into your personal soccer coach. Which is exactly what you can do with the M Station Talent Original Rebounder.  Just remember to let your coach back out of your smartphone before the game. They get lonely in there...plus you gotta prove how much better you are now thanks to the MuninPlay app.

m-station Talent and the MuninPlay app are the only training system in the world to measure soccer players technical skills. The backbone of the system is the m-station Talent training tool which is used by major clubs such as Real Madrid and Arsenal. The brain of the system is the revolutionary MuninPlay app which transforms your smartphone into your own personal soccer coach.

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