Cristiano Ronaldo: Egocentric or Misunderstood?

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, Am I the greatest and the hottest of them all?

Cristiano Ronaldo is known for a lot of things his penalty kicks, his vicious thighs, and of course, being obsessed with himself. From posting shirtless selfies with captions like “Enjoy the view” or watching himself on video while his team is playing IRL, Could it be that his so-called arrogance is really misunderstood? Maybe it’s that same confidence that has enabled him to conquer all of Europe with every team he’s played on and set multiple records. Still, whether you love or hate him, his skills on the field are unquestionable. So what does it take to be the next Ronaldo?

Top Four CR7 Skills

1. Dribbling Style: Whereas his style once focused on fooling defenders, Ronaldo uses dribbling tricks as a way to change the pace of the game to find opportunities to score. To surpass the opponent like Ronaldo, the trick must be done just right to leave the defender behind and have enough time to score. Gooolllll…golazoooo!!!

2. Attacking 1v1: Next time you see yourself going 1v1, think about doing a CR7 chop which is really just stopping the ball dead. This can give you enough time to either pass or take a shot to score.

3. Shooting and Knuckleball: As we all know, Ronaldo loves himself a good knuckleball. It is important to know how to set one up for yourself in a game, which can be done if the ball is moving forward. Watch the perfect knuckleball tutorial for a closer look on how to achieve one!

4. Mentality, Focus & Desire: Although Cristiano Ronaldo compares himself to God and clearly loves himself… A LOT, it’s that same mentality that allows him to outdo himself at every game. Ronaldo could care less what others think and instead uses that negativity to prove them wrong and improve each time. His confidence and desire to be the one to do what seemed impossible have further proved that he is indeed the GOAT.

So next time you feel like hating on Ronaldo’s selfie on Instagram or want to call him arrogant, remember that he is an international symbol of success in the world of professional soccer with a mentality of a champion.

How to Play Like Cristiano Ronaldo – Shoot, Dribble and Think like Ronaldo


Here’s why you need to stop using your size as an excuse to give up

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You show up to tryouts and find everyone else to be 6ft plus, muscular and appear to be as fast as Flash while you’re lean and only 5’8’’. Should that stop you?

Here’s 6 reasons that will make you stop whining about your size and get you feeling like the unstoppable machine that you are.

1. Football is open to all:
Anyone is capable of playing football regardless of their size or physical appearance as compared to other sports like basketball where height is a huge advantage when shooting. Not that someone who is small wouldn’t have the ability to do so but their dunks might look a little like this…

2. Science Proved:
According to Biomechanics, the centre of gravity of a shorter person is closer to the ground = better balance. This makes it easier to control the ball and have a better agility.

3. Shorter players can get away with anything:
Okay maybe not anything but they are less likely to be called out by referees opposed to a taller opponent. This could be because height is often associated with aggression.

4. Mentality:
Believing in yourself and continuing to work hard is what makes you better. Practicing to give your absolute best or like Bixente Lizarazu says “Us short guys, when we decide to do something we give it 120 percent.” That or you just want to shut everyone up and make them stop calling you shorty.

5. Little Big Stars:
Many of the world’s professional football players were rejected or told they wouldn’t go anywhere for being small. Messi, Maradona and Pelé are some of the smallest in the game but are considered GOATs.

Little doesn’t mean bad. Tall doesn’t mean good. Plus you may just be a late bloomer.

6. Moves like Jagger:
Being short can be an advantage especially if you are a midfielder or forward. You can swerve between small spaces, have quicker stepping patterns, amazing dribbling ability than those who are taller.

Does size matter? No. NO. NOOOOOOO.
Although it may feel like a disadvantage, being shorter doesn’t determine your success unless you let it. Practice work hard, and remember that some of the greatest football legends weren’t tall either. So get off that couch, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to it shorty.

Need an extra laugh before getting to work?

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Top Five Mistakes that make you suck

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You go to practice everyday. Maybe even work out to build muscle strength. You’ve been playing for months maybe even years but the coach happened to see more potential in someone who just started over you. So what are you doing wrong? What is the missing piece of the puzzle? Here’s the Top Five Mistakes you need to stop doing now.

1. Not practicing on your own.
Okay so you never miss a day of training. So what? Practicing with your teammates is crucial, given that football is a team game but not taking the initiative and dedication to practice on your individual skills can cause a major setback on your overall player performance.

2. Letting nerves get the best of you.
Feeling nervous is beyond normal, especially right before a tournament or championship game. It’s your job to calm down, breathe and remind yourself that you got this in the bag.

3. Not knowing how to deal with disappointment.
Nobody likes to lose but even the GOATS take some Ls. But that shouldn’t mean you should give up, on the other hand that should be your new fuel to be better. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo have noted that the failures and criticism motivated to be better.

4. Never getting out of your comfort zone.
You finally got the Maradona down, so why haven’t you used it during a game? Oh right, you’re scared of messing up. If you never shoot, you’ll never know…literally. So step it up and be confident.

5. Not setting proper goals.
You say, “I will become the world’s best player in the world” but how exactly are you planning on achieving that? Obviously you won’t get bit by a spider and wake up with super athletic powers. Instead set small goals within a realistic timeframe and build yourself up to your ultimate goal.

Solving these mistakes will not only help you get at the level you want to be at in football but can also be applied to any other sport or situation. Remember to work hard and play hard.

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Ten open goal fails that are too hard to watch

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You are sitting on your couch watching your favorite team play. Suddenly you see that a player from your team is gaining speed, passing all defenders…there’s an open GOAL. You’re watching with anticipation with your phone in your hands already tweeting that your team have scored. You glance back to screen and see a wide shot miss and your team d e s t r o y e d. You don’t even feel empathy and start yelling and cursing “YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!” as if they could hear you through the screen.

Here are the goals that made you squirm, angry, and made you cry.

1. Fernando Torres – Chelsea vs Manchester United
Maybe there was too much pressure or maybe Chelsea didn’t pay enough to get the feared striker that Torres was expected to be. Whatever the reason was, Torres will forever be remembered as a Chelsea Flop after this miss. Like cmon even the baby is laughing.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United vs Sheffield United
Ronaldo may be called a “GOAT” now but this whole match proved anything but that. He missed not once, but twice with the second miss being unbelievable. Can you blame anyone for booing him?

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain vs Reims
Ibrahimovic is loved by so many that this miss is almost erased from everyone’s memory. Afterall we are all human right?

4. Kalusha Bwalya – Club America vs Cruz Azul
North America was no exception for failure. Mexico’s Club America would be mind blown. Imagine being ahead of all defenders, no goalie in place and STILL managing to miss, how pathetic. Everyone’s mind: “What a dumb@$$.”

5. Kei Kamara – Kansas City Wizards (now Sporting) vs LA Galaxy
Just..shaking my head. Kamara was practically inside the goal and all he literally had to do was tap it in. And what does he do instead? Kicks the air, slips and fall and then tries to get away with a hand ball. Who does he think he is?

6. Yakubu Ayegbeni – Nigeria vs South Korea
One word: HOW??? To think this happened during a World Cup just blows. I guess that was a cute little attempt if it even qualifies as that.

Now for some honorable penalties that are just too terrible to not talk about.

1. Jonathan Soriano – Red Bull Salzvurg vs Rapid Vienna
Uhh…Did Soriano suddenly forget that he was playing futbol and not American football? This would have been an impressive field goal kick but it wasn’t. Talk about a great failure.

2. Nenard Mirosavljevic – Cukaricki vs Radnicki
We all trip sometimes but really, he decided to trip while taking a penalty? Who does that? The worst part is that he still had a second chance at scoring a goal, getting a W but he clearly threw that in the trash.

Lessons learned: Don’t be a fool. So if you don’t want to make a complete full of yourself like them and have everyone hate you, make sure to watch How to Score Everytime.

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