Who runs the world? Girls who play football 

Girls who play football 
Beyonce said it first and she wasn’t lying when she said “Who runs the world, GIRLS.” Now take this a step further and you get a top tier of women, the ones who play the greatest sport on Earth Football (No, not American football). 

Unless you live under a rock, you should know about Goluremi Girls. In case you’ve been MIA, Goluremi Girls is only the premier destination for female athletes and footballers. Obviously everyone knows that women can score a hat trick just like any other would, but why not have a space to learn and improve ran by women for women? Just like that, Goluremi Girls was created.

Who are the Goluremi Girls hosts?

Whenever you head into the GG Youtube Channel, you’ll see two faces: Monique and Aguska which if you haven’t already noticed, are bada*s. What makes them all even more unique is their background story and how they came into the world of football. Monique Fischer for starters, is a New Zealand-born Samoan footballer who started as a journalist until she decided to leave it behind to pursue a career as a footballer. Last but not least, Agnieska or Aguska Mnich, a Polish born now London player who has been crowned World Freestyle Champion. From different corners of the world and skills, these football players are here to teach you the fundamentals of football to activate your inner beast mode. 

What’s so great about Goluremi Girls? 

As football continues to grow around the world, especially for women, having a channel dedicated to women by women is important. What better way to learn new skills than from professionals themselves. Although this channel is catered around the women's experience, that doesn’t mean that it's only for women, literally anyone should and can watch. By watching the videos, you'll have an in depth insight on what it’s like to be a professional footballer  and the skills needed to reach that level. Additionally, Goluremi Girls has Pro Freestylers, so if you’re up for learning new tricks, that'll make you look like a beast on the field, you’ve come to the right place. 

What if I don’t like football?

If you don’t like football, what are you doing with your life? In all seriousness, you are need to get your life together, try football or you'll be forced into it...just kidding. You should definitely give football a try. It’s an amazing sport, good for working out, meeting friends and overall just having a good time. If football still isn’t your thing, that’s okay. Goluremi Girls offers videos about all sorts of things besides football such as fitness, yoga, and mentality videos. Want to learn how to be faster? We got you. Want to learn how to be flexible? We have it. Want to feel empowered and confident? We don’t have that...sike we got that too. There’s something for everyone so definitely check it out. 

So what’s next?

Subscribe to the Goluremi Girls Channel. Watch the videos and turn your notifications on because do you really want to be the person everyone thinks lives under a rock? Absolutely not. You don’t want to miss out. Follow Goluremi Girls on Instagram for more daily content on the go and follow the Goluremi Girls hosts: 

Monique: https://www.instagram.com/moniquefisc...

Aguska: https://www.instagram.com/aguskafree/

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